Shandy Aulia Collections



Last month I was given yet another reason to love what I do. A chance of a trip to Hawaii. I promise you, when you do the things you love and you do it whole-heartedly, good things will come around. It was an opportunity given by Shandy Aulia for her clothing line. Now, I’ve done photo/video sessions before, but this one felt more challenging than the ones before. Why? I’ll tell you in a bit.

Our adventure started on a bright Wednesday, March 26, 2014. I was really excited, I mean, this is Hawaii. Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?! When we landed there, we were welcome with a bright sunny gorgeous day. This place is exactly how I pictured it in my mind. Just gorgeous! Remember when I told you that this job was more challenging than the ones before? Well, this is why, Shandy and I did not bring any assistants to help us out for every single photo/ video shoots we did there. Challenging, why? First of all, not having any assistants for me meant that I had to carry everything myself, now while that didn’t seem so bad for me, not having any assistants for Shandy meant she had to do her make-up, hair and carry everything, and by everything, I mean her make-up kit, her hair-styling kit and the clothes that we were going to shoot. Second of all, we were not in Indonesia, the language barrier, the unfamiliar locations and the fact that none of us could read a map (I know, typical right? Haha). But like the independent women that we are, we managed to pull through and actually had a bit of an adventure throughout the process. I enjoy what I do… And doing it in Hawaii, made it even more exciting! Hawaii is as beautiful as it is diverse, its people as colorful as the sunsets and as extreme as the landscapes. It is just gorgeous! And though the weather was slightly disappointing while we were there, we still managed to enjoy the place and had fun in our shoots.

Overall, it was a successful shoot. Shandy was very cooperative and her connection with the camera is just awesome. I really enjoyed shooting her. And not to mention her adorable clothing collections. And though we still have a few more shots that need to be done that we werent’s able to, at the end of the day, this trip was definitely one of the best trips I’ve gone to.

Enjoy the pictures and videos


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