The Penyami’s Holland Travel Diary

it’s has been a long time since my last post. Today, i wanted to share my trip to Holland with my family.

Travelling with kids under 5 can be a little tricky. We used Emirates not just because the have the inflight entertainment for kids, but also the flight attendant are very helpful with kids. Aaron & Anezka got a lot of goodie bags and gifts to keem them busy in the plane.

Oh and the best thing about Emirates is that once we get off the plane, they lend us a stroller for our kids. Yeay! No more backpain for me.

The plane was about to taxi in Dubai, when the sandstorm hits. So we were stuck for about 1 hour on the runway. It was quite scary. Fortunately, there are no machine failures or anything (me and my paranoid thoughts about airplanes)

Finally after 12 hours of flight (and a 4 hours of transit) we’re finally here in Amsterdam.

 The weather couldn’t be more perfect. T’was in the beginning of April, where the sky is always blue, the flowers begin to bloom, and all the people are super friendly.

 First, my thought was, taking kids travelling can be very expensive because we have to take them to amusement park or tourism sites, which can be pricey.

Luckily, we stayed at my cousin’s house, where there are children’s playground in every block. And it’s free. Back in my country, we have to pay a lot of money to play in playground like this.

And if the kids get tired of playing in the playground, they can spend hours just looking at ducks and birds by the river/lake.

As much as i love having a rental car here, but taking kids in public transportation can also be fun for them.

Here is Aaron taking the train to Nemo Science Center.

In Holland, you really should rent a bike. It’s much more fun riding a bike in spring time. You can stop at any beautiful spot that you like and take pictures. (Yess i’m asian, and i loooove my camera 😅)

Here is aaron & his new friend, Reuben.

While in Holland, we decide to go to Paris just to see how it is in spring time. Luckily, we found Private Tour Europe to take us around. You can contact them through their instagram
They’re kind enough to stop by at Belgium on our way to Paris.

I don’t know why, but this statue is very popular. It is a must see place and a popular tourism site. Lucky us, we got there at 7 am, so it’s not very crowded.

We also stop by at De Grote Markt, it is an iconic square in the Belgian capital of Brussels. La Grand Place attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year, making it one of the most important landmarks in Belgium. It was selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Place is an outstanding blend of architectural and artistic styles that characterizes the diverse culture and society of the Belgian Brussels-region.

It’s funny, where usually we have to buy coffee in order to get the wifi password, instead of getting the password to the toilet. I thought “wow! This is new!”

For the first time, we try Airbnb. And it was awesome. It has a killer view and the Bus & the metro station is right in front of our doorstep.

This is our room.

And this is the view from our balcony

And of course, we went to the popular tourism site.

And i can’t be more french than wearing stripes and eating creme  brûlée in Paris.

  Before heading back to Holland, we stop by at Colette. Colette is a place where new upcoming designers sell their brands. We went there to get new inspirations for Igor’s new shoe line.

 Back in Holland, strolling in Amsterdam, there is a pillow fight event and aaron wanted to join them. We thought it is cute, reminiscing our childhood by pillowfighting.

A day before our departure back to Jakarta, we stop by at Den Haag to shoot a music video with our friend Reuben. We went to this indonesian restaurant  called Garoeda.

One of may favorite place here in Den Haag. Not really sure why, it’s just i like the architecture alot.

 And of course, Madurodam is a must see place with kids. Not only the Holland miniatures are cute, but the playground and the water experiment are fun for kids. We spend 3 hours at Madurodam.

So, heading home and trying to claim the tax refund, as a struggle and a patience test. It took us 1,5 hour standing in the tax refund line. Not to mention that we have to run to the other level of the airport to get the cash. So it was a good idea toarrive 4 hours early before the boarding time.

And here’s a picture if aaron. He lost 2 od his tooth this morning

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