A Road Trip Photo Shoot with Martin & Noni

I was so thrilled, like a kid who was too excited to go on a school trip, the moment this wonderful couple, asked me to go with them on a road trip. It got even better, when I found out that they wanted me to capture their pre-wedding photos.


The initial plan was to go on a Ciwidey by car, and simply stop by at every corner that looks photogenic enough to be used as the set of their pre-wedding photos. It was quite an interesting project as both Martin and Noni already knew exactly what kind of shots they want. Since Nonie is a more of an outdoor person, this pre-wed is probably a little bit different from any common pre-wed concept that is filled with sweet stuff like beautiful dresses and flowers.


As a modern version of a hippie girl, Nonie loves to explore new and unique places. Once we were traveling to Bali, and she picked quite an anti-mainstream hotel in Ubud that has no air conditioner with an open air bathroom facing a huge ricefield. Just like any other couples, when it comes to wedding stuff, the girls get the bigger pie to decide anything, while the men shall follow. Hello, it’d be the most important day of in every woman’s life, right?


Based on Noni’s personality, I picked the Citambur waterfall as the spot for their photoshoot. The trekking route to the waterfall would be very perfect for Noni who loves to climb up hills and walk through rocky roads. Sadly though, we didn’t make it there as there was a landslide that blocked our way. We waited for 4 hours and took some pictures while waiting, yet it was raining and apparently the weather wasn’t on our side, so we cancelled our plan and made a u-turn instead.


Despite of the downside, we stumbled upon some other beautiful places like a tea garden and an abandoned railway. The photoshoot in the garden was a bit challenging. Not for me, but for the groom. Although the place was very peaceful and calm, there were plenty of spider webs, hosted by a very rare spiders that we had never seen before anywhere. Guess what, out of every phobias, the groom has a specific phobia over spiders!


Even though we have encountered two challenges, the trip was still one of the most fun trip I ever had. Mostly, because it involves Martin, the groom, who is a natural clown. He is very funny and talkative, the kind of person who could uplift even the most gloomy vibe. A real creative head who puts his heart on his creative skills. He even brought along his team from work to record the pre-wed photoshoot with drone, and make a content for his youtube account about the tough part of doing a pre-wedding. I guess, he kinda got what he asked for.


Overall, I was very, even utterly satisfied beyond words with the results of this road trip photoshoot. I got to capture the couple in a very uncommon places that makes the photo itself stands out from other pre-wed photos. Apparently, we don’t always have to go abroad to capture beautiful outdoor places. Indonesia offers some hidden gems as well, if we are willing to explore!

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