About Tessy Penyami

What started out as a hobby, triggered by her love towards her husband and children, has now remarkably grown into a passion that have birthed numerous authentic piece of arts.

Tessy Penyami started to see the world from behind her lens since she had to help out her husband, who is a musician, as his documentation team. When her kids were born, she began to fall even deeper into the world of photography. The trigger shifted from capturing her husband’s work, to capturing the memorable progress of her kids. Somewhere in between she found a buried passion and decided to dig it out.

From then on, people started to see the authentic love captured between husband and wife, siblings, parents and kid and started to ask her to  photograph the best moments in their lives, like wedding and anniversary.

Fast forward 13 years later, you can now find Tessy having her gig almost every weekend moving around behind the lens to capture beautiful photos. She does not only take good photos and freeze moments candidly, but she also breathes life to photographs so that client would always be reminded of how deep and remarkable the captured moment is for them.

Unnatural pose is not the core of her artwork. She’s great at capturing expressions, the true feelings parents share to their children, that small curved on a woman’s lips when she smiles adoringly towards her fiance, the eyes in awe that children have when they look at their parents, the passionate devotion husband has for his wife. She hopes to touch her client’s soul, even after years later, every time they see the photos that Tessy captured.

Have a talk with her about your love stories, not just the ones that lovers share, but also the ones that a family share towards each other. Any love story would ignite the sparks in her eyes. Let her portray that sparks in the form of everlasting memoir.