Saykoji’s Mi Sedap Commercial ad

Mi Sedap Commercial ad

This video was not made by me.

I am just to proud of my husband, so i could not resist not to post this video. I hope you all enjoy this video.

Saykoji Concert

Dear all, Saykoji akan mengadakan konser dalam waktu dekat ini. We would love for you to be there. Untuk infonya, bisa hubungi Masaru: 08158872313. Cheers 🙂



I made this video 2 years ago for my best friend, JFlow. (back then, i was a nubie in videography) I know this video is lack of white balance, but i really love the concept. It was a tight budget video clip, so we use the amusement park to get the pretty lights effect. Model by Tracy Trinita. You guys should see the ending. LOL.